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By the grace of Allah Almighty, we have prepared a self-help booklet for guiding our youth so that they learn to stay away from drugs. This booklet has been published by Drug Free Nation working on drug abuse prevention
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A parent's view of decriminalisation of illicit drugs
By Bill Cameron
Drug decriminalisation, drug relegalisation, drug legalisation or drug liberalisation?  Read Full Story

Helping Hands for Children
By Safia Umer
Though, it is very shocking for parents to know that their child is taking drugs. Initially, they are in  Read Full Story

Your Life Is Not Only Your Life
By Safia Umer
Oh dear! You usually say these words while answering people, "This is my life. Don't interrupt in my matters; I will live my life as I wish". Read Full Story

Duties of Parents 
By Dr. Qurat-ul-Ain
Parents are most significant figures for a child. Nothing can be substitute of parents. To be parents mean to pay all naturally assigned  Read Full Story

Children Learn From You
By Erum Sultan
Four days back, when I was telling my children about the effects of using betel nut (Chalia), my 11 year old son responded  Read Full Story

Effects of Parental Addiction on Children
By Haider Ali
Once a family member becomes drug abusers, specifically parents, the unstoppable   Read Full Story

Family & Drug Abuse Problems Among Children
By Shireen Ismael
Family is the first institution for the child to learn the lessons of being good human, .  Read Full Story

Parents: A Powerful Source For Their Children
By Bill Cameron
The war against drug abuse has been fought for over thirty years in UK.   Read Full Story

Drug abuse Problems Among Chidlren
By Safia Umer
Drug abuse is not confined to adults, our children are also using different kinds of drugs.  Read Full Story

Children as Passive Smokers
By Shireen Ismael
According to the survey conducted by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (1996), every year, approximately  Read Full Story

Consequences of Parental Addiction For Children
By Riffat Sadiq
Parental addiction has  long lasting effects on their children.  Drug addiction results Read Full Story

7 Tips for Effective Parenting
By Riffat Sadiq
1.Try to present a positive role model for your children. Any use of drug or substance in front of children will convey them message . Read Full Story

7 Strategies To Make You Children Drug Free 
A  self-help booklet  for parents  struggling at home with their children drug abuse  . 7 Strategies To Make You Children Drug Free    Read Full Story

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